• Testimonials

    • Sophie

      Daisy - aged 10 years

    Sheila has been working with my daughter for just over a year.  It’s been the most wonderful journey and I have watched my daughter go from strength to strength, not just in school but personally too.  From the first time they met Sheila seemed to understand her, knew instinctively how to tap into her wavelength and has been working hard to equip her with the tools to manage her learning differences herself. She is starting to feel empowered as she is learning to understand and embrace her differences. For me, to know that Sheila is there to support my daughter and help us negotiate the school system, with a child who doesn’t quite fit the box, is a complete godsend. 

    • Rachel

      Thomas- aged 9

    ‘Sheila is so passionate about helping her students’ progress and always enthusiastic. My son has been having 1-2-1 tuition for over a year now with Sheila on a weekly basis and he has come on in leaps and bounds! Not only with his school work, but also with his confidence.’

    • Paul

      Felix - age 14
  • Sheila quickly became a key support, guide and ally for our son at a pivotal time in his education. She guided him through significant advances in his learning ability and most importantly gave him reassurance and a sense of self-worth. This was something we worked hard to replicate at school and with Sheila as a model of appropriate teaching methods we ultimately succeeded. Now we have a fully engaged and very motivated teenager who has moved up through the sets in many of his subjects and willingly sits down to do homework and revision of his own accord. It was a fairly tough time when we sought Sheila’s help and she more than delivered. Sheila is a wonderful and compassionate believer in the ability of dyslexic children, she has all the necessary skills to help make a significant difference. We are so grateful to her.

    • Dulcie

      Seth - age 12
  • If you are lucky in life you might meet people who have a profound effect on it. A person who cares enough to help you and your family achieve things you never dreamed were possible. The value of your child’s confidence, self-belief and positive possibilities for their future go beyond financial worth.

    Sheila is one of those people. She provides high quality practical and professional support but also has a clever ability to see the barriers to learning a particular child is facing, find ways of removing them, to understand, encourage and enable that child to feel understood and have confidence in their abilities. Easy to approach, she has gone out of her way to support both Seth and us as parents with an extremely high level of care. Seth says: “Sheila is amazing.”

    • Fiona & Paul

      Daughter - age 9
      Son - age 7
  • I first came across Sheila by chance while searching for some help for my son as he was struggling with all areas of English, especially the obsessional approach to phonics. He did not reach the required score in Year 1 and, at the end of Year 2, his score was even lower. 

    By both good luck and good research, I was given the contact number for Sheila and so she came into our lives. Sheila’s first session was a revelation, one that my son thoroughly enjoyed. Without knowing it, through playing games, physicality and art, he was starting to learn about the basics of the English language. After this first session, I asked if he would like Sheila to teach him again. The answer was an emphatic “Yes!”

    So it is that, two years later, once a week in term time, Sheila still provides both my son, and now my daughter, with English support. Much of it, for my son, is now about re-enforcement and providing him with the tools and confidence to develop the finer points of the language. He continues to find the subject difficult as he is still knocking down the barrier he built in his mind and continues to compare himself to his peers, which stems from yester year.

    However, Sheila has done so much to enable him – I have watched her express the numerous elements to our complex language in various different ways over the years to meet his methodology of learning each of them – drawings, physicality, rhymes, rules, graphics, mathematically, cue cards, games and so on. Perhaps though, her greatest gift is that she sees the child as an individual and a whole, meeting not just their learning needs, but understanding their psychology, changing her approach on how to best facilitate the subject for each child, enabling them to see ‘the wood through the trees’ and believe in all the good they have within.

    Sheila is uplifting to be around, positive, empathetic, funny, smart, patient, flexible and has a wonderful rapport with children. She is to be highly recommended.

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