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  • Intervention Programmes

    Providing effective communication with teachers and schools

    I have extended my practice by offering support to local schools. This role has grown to include practical advice about dyslexia assessment, monitoring and intervention. My focus is ‘working in partnership’. I offer INSET training in all aspects of dyslexia support, based on the individual needs of each school. I work with the whole school or with individual teachers, who wish to focus on broadening their skills.

  • bdyslexic provides TEACHERS with solutions
    to these questions…

    1. How do I know a pupil is dyslexic?
    2. How do I manage dyslexia in the classroom?
    3. How do I teach Literacy/ Numeracy skills to
      a child with dyslexia?
    4. How do I teach other curriculum areas?
    5. How do I create an inclusive classroom?
    6. How do I approach parents and carers?
  • bdyslexic provides SCHOOLS with solutions
    to these questions…

    1. How do we assess pupils for dyslexia?
    2. How do we provide an intervention programme which is reasonable and accessible to all teaching staff?
    3. How do we monitor dyslexic pupil progress?
    4. How do we create opportunities for inclusive teaching?
    5. How do we talk to parents/ carers about dyslexia?
    6. How do we manage transition with dyslexic pupils?