Managing Home Learning

October 13, 2017

“So Z….. When you are writing a story in school, what are you allowed to use?”

“You are not allowed to use anything! You just sit there with a piece of paper.”

“Well, you can use your imagination.”

“No, no…..I told you. You are not allowed to use anything!!!”

Having organised the home learning into 3 piles – you are ready to move on.

Pile 1: Can my child do this work on his or her own?

Pile 2: Does this work need a lot of support?

Pile 3: Am I going to have to teach my child something new?

This is the homework of a dyslexic child, so there will be nothing in Pile 1.

However, 2&3 will overflow with mutilated bits of paper waiting to be finished. The tear stains and coffee mug rings will be a testimony to the Angst which went into trying to get them finished and handed in so that you won’t have to face Parent’s Evening with that all-too-familiar story.

“Well Mr and Mrs Breakdown, let’s discuss the Home Learning. If you had been prepared to give up your life, your sanity and your marriage, your child would be able to spell.”

One frustrated Dad muttered, “I don’t know why I bothered to get SKY Sport.”

Home Learning is here to stay.

Step 2: How to tackle difficult homework.

The challenge is to create an atmosphere of mutual support and trust.

“I am helping you because it is YOU I care about – not the homework.”

“How are we going to do this together so that you can learn?”

If your methods don’t fit that value system, go back to the school and ask for ideas to help you teach a child who finds it difficult to learn. You are not refusing to do home learning, you just want ideas of how to do it differently.

·        Do I understand what my child has to do?

·        Do I understand how to do it?

·        What is the priority work?

Well that last one is easy.


You work hard for the right to have a peaceful home – a place where you and your children can relax and be happy, doing the things you are good at.

So go and get it, before the aliens move in!

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