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  • Cobblers about Memory Strategies

    Cobblers about Memory Strategies  “I would like to be an engineer – but I can’t spell it.” (10 year-old dyslexic) The daily school routine is fraught with issues for dyslexic children. A good memory is vital for getting through the day. A poor memory can create very stressful situations. The obvious signs are……… Forgetting stuff! Not being aware in the first place that there is stuff to remember! Begin distracted […]

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  • Managing Home Learning

    “So Z….. When you are writing a story in school, what are you allowed to use?” “You are not allowed to use anything! You just sit there with a piece of paper.” “Well, you can use your imagination.” “No, no…..I told you. You are not allowed to use anything!!!” Having organised the home learning into 3 piles – you are ready to move on. Pile 1: Can my child do […]

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