• Introducing Cobblers

    Cobblers about Stepping Up   ‘Opinions are like belly-buttons – everyone has one.” Every day I receive e-mails, some from way across the world. Some days I get phone calls which may be from anywhere in the country. I work remotely with a wonderful diversity of people who all have one thing in common – they are all struggling to come to terms with the impact of dyslexia in their […]

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  • Choosing Schools

    My name is Alfie Worthington Jones and I HATE THIS SCHOOL!” These were the first words Alfie uttered when,as a lonely, frightened and very dyslexic little boy, he joined our Reception class. If you are confused about choosing the right school for your child, then go back to first principles. As I work with dyslexic children, the phrase I use is…… “Develop their Strengths – Support their Weaknesses.” This mantra […]

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  • Parenting Pressures

    “Guys! I’m eating junk and watching rubbish. You’d better come out and stop me!”                                                                                       Macaulay Culkin:  ‘Home Alone’ My early childhood was idyllic. I will probably have every parenting counsellor banging at my door when they read this, but I thrived on neglect. My sister and I regarded our home as some sort of motel, where we ate and slept in between wandering off to school. We were left […]

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  • Managing Home Learning

    “So Z….. When you are writing a story in school, what are you allowed to use?” “You are not allowed to use anything! You just sit there with a piece of paper.” “Well, you can use your imagination.” “No, no…..I told you. You are not allowed to use anything!!!” Having organised the home learning into 3 piles – you are ready to move on. Pile 1: Can my child do […]

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  • Diagnosis

    ‘Trevor, at six, was doing a second year at first class. He had also had 2 years of ‘high babies’. Trevor was called a ‘slow child’, a term Agnes didn’t really understand. Trevor’s teacher, Miss Thomas, once asked Agnes if there was any history of dyslexia in the family, and Agnes, thinking it was some kind of tropical disease, emphatically answered No! “Sure they’ve never been out of the country!” […]

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