March 2018

  • Cobblers about Innovative Thinking

    ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination’ Albert Einstein So your child has this amazing brain. You know he or she is intelligent because there are flashes of it in your everyday life: using interesting vocabulary, remembering past events in great detail, terrific social skills, creative thinking …….the list is actually endless once you start looking. One of the motivating forces behind the new exploration of dyslexia […]

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  • Cobblers about the Brain

    Cobblers about the Brain   The brain is about the size of a large grapefruit. At birth, it contains about 100 billion brain cells. Each cell is capable of making up to 20,000 connections with other cells. Those cells form learning connections at the rate of 3 billion per second. These connections are the key to brain power. So for dyslexics, why is learning so difficult?                    Think back – where […]

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  • Cobblers about Parents Evening

    Cobblers about Parent’s Evening “Perhaps if my teacher understood me, she would like me a bit more.” Whilst most of the population is enthusiastically gearing itself up to Christmas, I am recovering from a bad attack of PEFO – or Parent’s Evening Fall-Out. This is the time of year when something or someone always catches me out. During the rest of the year, if nobody says anything too controversial, then […]

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