January 2018

  • Cobblers about Memory

    Cobblers about Memory   One of my reception children had succeeded in flattening another boy during playtime. At the end of the day, I called in the parent of the guilty child. “Mrs. Bling, you are aware that your child is responsible for seriously injuring another boy in the playground?” “Yes, I can see that. But he was on antibiotics at the time.” “!?*!?!”   So what is there to […]

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  • Cobblers about Guilt

    Cobblers about Guilt On playground duty, many years ago, I was called over to sort out a minor skirmish. Eventually I found the culprit, whose excuse was, “I didn’t hit him, Miss…. honest! His face just went in my hand!” Last blog, I left you all hanging in the air with this thought – “I know my child is dyslexic. I appreciate my child’s strengths and intelligence. How can I […]

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