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    Sheila Stratton

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  • bdyslexiaims to give pupils with dyslexia the opportunity to fulfil their learning potential

    Our perception of a situation affects the way we deal with it. The label ‘learning difficulty’ creates the idea that there are huge obstacles to be overcome before any progress can be made.

    My long and varied career working with dyslexics has shown me that if we shift our viewpoint and see dyslexia as something positive, then learning becomes an active, exciting, and achievable process.

  • bdyslexic tuition is designed to accelerate learning

    I work with families living in the West Dorset and East Devon area. Each pupil is an individual, and time is devoted to understanding the whole picture.

    I draw information from all aspects of a child’s life, build on that information and look for positive ways forward.

    Together we follow a structured, multi-sensory programme based on individual needs.

  • bdyslexic school support

    My consultancy work with schools is based on a cycle of plan-do-review.

    I devote time to understanding the school SEN profile. We look at ways of gathering strategic information through formal and informal assessments.

    Together we can create practical, inclusive teaching strategies. Just by switching mindset, teachers can see the positive contributions dyslexic pupils can make to the learning situation.

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